The Story

Ladybug Killers!

Ladybugs, cute – Think again. After an apocalyptic event; and much to the surprise of Darwinians a previously dormant power house of the insect world comes to the fore. As the radiation clouds subside and seismic disturbance diminishes the first organisms to raise their inscrutable heads are Ladybugs. After years of being subjected to humiliating cartoon representations as cute and friendly insects they now have the chance to unlock their dark side. With a motto of “No Mercy – No Exceptions” the Ladybugs set about to make Earth their own.  In the ensuing years the Ladybug juggernaut crushes all before it with a ruthless efficiency that leaves the wasteland devoid of all life but the mighty Ladybug. After a few short years of global dominance these brightly coloured killing machines cast their many eyes towards the heavens with a view to further conquest. Probes were sent to the far reaches of our galaxy and unfortunately for our heroes, with positive results. However these probes have contacted another insectoid civilisation and their many compound eyes have gazed back at earth with desire. The game covers the first forays into earth space by the invaders and the efforts of our cute but cruel defenders.

Take part in the most surreal defence of Earth thus far undertaken. We have a history of successful games behind us but wanted to bring humour and enjoyment on a simple scale back to the gaming environment. So, if you wish to commit wanton mayhem, but with a wry hint of humour, then this is the game for you.  I work 24/7 to transfer my eccentric creations to the digital medium. Along with the rest of the team (2 old but experienced games developers) we have no problem committing the time and energy into this project. We do however require certain bits of software in order to release the game. This is what we are in search of. We have the product we just need help opening the door to the market. This is an on-going project that I will enhance and expand purely for the creative challenge.